The Gallatin Divergence (North American Confederacy #6) PDF

by L. Neil Smith I found this a difficult book - there were two or three times when I nearly put it aside. For the first part of the book Smith writes in a style very reminiscent of Heinlein, but a Heinlein who has taken his libertarian ideas to an extreme. The author espouses the idea that an almost complete lack of government, where people are left to run there own lives, will lead to a near-utopian society. Perhaps I'm just too cynical, but I don't think so.

The second part of the book was less Heinlein, but I found it hard to maintain any sense of connection with the characters. They make a series of stupid decisions. But perhaps that is the point - when you live in a libertarian society, and a world-shattering event comes along, you don't get an organised response to it, you just get whoever happens to be around at the time.

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