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by Wendy Coblentz It's Your Fault is Wendy's eight year, sometimes humorous, journey in search of a cure to back pain caused by an exercise class injury. The author takes the reader on a wild ride through the Bay Area mainstream medical community, trying epidurals, physical therapy and other procedures, When her pain doesn't improve, she moves on to the universe of the alternative healing world with Interconnection Bodywork, a proselytizing Jewish yoga teacher, French maritime pine bark and more. Meanwhile, her teenage son is using the trunk of his car as a storage unit for strawberry -flavored vodka, sneaking out of the house and night and getting caught with smoking paraphernalia on Earth Day. As Wendy's desperation mounts, she discovers a tool that teaches her to trust her own instincts and learns that trying to find a solution often aggravates the problem. Her new found awareness opens the door as she learns how to deal with back pain and embrace her family.

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