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by Bradley Trevor Greive Perfect for those downer days when your child needs a pick-me-up, The Blue Day Book for Kids magnificently pairs striking animal photographs and inspirational thoughts to re-create the magic Bradley Trevor Greive (BTG) tapped into with the original book.

Enchanted by the wildly successful Blue Day Book's poignant, often funny, photos of animals and clever, poetic insights, many parents and teachers from all over the world wrote the author asking, "When will you do a version of this book for children?"

The Blue Day Book for Kids features the same style of delightful black-and-white animal photos found in its New York Times best-selling predecessor. But this special edition for children is accompanied by compassionate words of wisdom written especially for children 12 and under. As BTG says, "Hey, even little people have big blue days."

The deceptively simple, imaginative story line reflects a child's sensibility about the symptoms, causes, and cures for those times when children feel tired, grumpy, left out, or think that nothing ever goes as they planned. Even on days when brussels sprouts are served at dinner . . . a cherished toy must be shared . . . a homework avalanche looms . . . or a silly mistake is made in front of friends or family, The Blue Day Book for Kids provides children with a literary umbrella to laugh off the unexpected rain life can bring.

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